Rooftop Dining at WhY Condos

Many of the condos have rooftop terraces where you can dine under the blue sky or under the stars. Yes, you can see the stars. Even though you are right downtown, the city is conscientious about not overlighting the streets. It makes for peaceful evenings. You can relax overlooking the large maple trees and historic homes in the surrounding neighbourhood.

WhY Condos

The WhY Condos Development is Architect Ole Hammarlund’s and Designer Karen Lips’ contribution to a live work urbanist environment in the historic centre of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Ole and Karen have completely transformed a former YMCA into 18 condos of inspired modern living. They have reused materials from the existing building including original floors from the gymnasium, tiles from the pool, windows, walls, and wood from the bowling alleys and squash courts. The lines that were painted on the floors for basketball and squash are intact. The elements of its past are preserved in its modern reincarnation.

When you climb the stairs to the roof top terraces, you look out over Victorian homes including the Fairholm National Historic Inn which is a Picturesque style home circa 1834 when the British were establishing colonial societies in Canada. At night, you can look to the stars.

The architect has maintained the exterior of the old YMCA or “The Y”, a recreational landmark at Prince and Euston, but the interior architecture and design is showing that Charlottetown’s urban vibe is staking out its place in the city, too.


Those who want to live in spaciousness
The WhY spaces are for those who want to leave small boxy rooms behind in favour of 20’ ceilings, spacious walls great for displaying art or projecting images and original solid wood floors to accommodate your baby grand piano, rare carpet collection or a group of your friends.

Those who want inspiring live-work spaces
A home-based live-work lifestyle is another option offered by the whY, which allows people to work and live downtown and be within walking distance to shops, restaurants and clients, minimizing the need for a car. The WhY offers wi-fi connection which assures free and fast telecommuting with the rest of the world.

The WhY allows professionals working out of their homes who would have a low traffic of clients. We would also love to have someone offer fitness classes or a cup of latte for other owners right in the building.

A few examples of professionals who might be interesting in a live-work space could be:

  • Photographers
  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Yoga teachers
  • Therapists
  • Writers
  • Art Gallery owners
  • Those who work with a company but work part of the time at home
  • Professors, scientists, lawyers and other professionals who work outside their home, but want a creative home space to research and/or write for part of the week.
  • Those who are moving from a large city and want to maintain an urban lifestyle within a modern space in a downtown environment


WhY Condos are located at the corner of historic Prince and Euston Streets, next door to the spectacular National Historic home, the Fairmont, built in 1834 and across the street from grand historic homes from the late 1800s and early 1900s. It is a leisurely walk to restaurants, theatres, art galleries, shops, barbers, hair dressers, doctors, business professionals, fitness facilities, cafes, flower shops and the waterfront.

Check out the link to the map and satellite view:


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